Dear Readers

Dear Readers

Welcome to my site. I wish you a pleasant and rewarding reading. What I want to convey is the full knowledge about Jesus sacrifice, and that it also includes the Devils spiritual children, the demons.
Briefly told, it is that Jesus came to earth to remove the effects from Adams death. The death we inherited from our forefather Adam.
But, something bigger happened at the same time. Just as the archetype, high priest Aron, presented two sacrifices, one for his house and one for the people, so did Jesus. One for the spiritual world and one for earth.
As Jesus life was transferred down here to earth, his life transformed from a spiritual life to a earthly life, upon which he was born a indefectible human being.

When his life at the end was taken he not only died as a human but also as a spiritual being upon which he was gone from existence for three days and nights. As it was predicted, he was at the core of the earth, when God brought him back to life.
It is said in Colossians 1:18 that he is "the firstborn from the dead".
Because of this the value of Jesus sacrifice in death does not only apply to the children of Adam, but also to the spiritual children of Satan. The same principle apply for both the heavenly as well for the earthly.
A more in depth explanation is to be found on this site. 


The bigger value of Jesus ransom

Here are some thoughts and reflections that I have come to realize over the last ten years. I write this because it has been asked of me by the spirit world. But there will be no book, because that would mean to much research and would be too big of a task. Therefore I present this as thoughts and reflections upon where each one can make their own assessment regarding everything. But first I shall tell you a bit about my background.
My mother, named Ida Maria Magdalena, had what she said was a childhood belief but was not particularly religious in her nature. My parents divorced when I was five years old and from that point I was raised by my mother. She was a teacher and had her social life among her colleagues so during my upbringing I spent a lot of the time by myself in my own thoughts. The bible has always been a interest of mine. I started to read it at a early age and it has always been there with me. When I was about seven-eight years old I found salvation and confessed all my sins, the ones I had gathered at that age. It felt wonderful, but it passed with time. At a grown up age I studied with Jehovah's Witnesses, and stayed with them for about twenty years. When my wife left me I met another woman after two years, and for that reason I am now excluded from that organization. But I still hold a great respect for their knowledge in the bible. But as you will see, knowledge is not everything.

Thank you for visiting.

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